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Elsonic India Group is managed by a team of professionals including a Chartered Engineer with a royal charter from London. The team includes electronics engineers holding Bachelor’s Degrees and Post Graduate degrees from Indian and overseas Universities of repute. The rich experience of Elsonic Group’s core team members, spans 40 years in Research, Development, Production and Marketing. Founded by a technocrat entrepreneur the company is an expert in hi-technology areas of Engineering including electronics, computers and IT related fields & hold over 40 patents, trademarks and copyrights to their credit.

The core team began with Research & Development for several reputed firms in India and overseas under multiple roles. Expertise developed is in frontier areas with core team members being computer experts and also qualified as Oracle Data base Administrators. Expertise in computer related technology includes Computer Hardware Integration, Software System Analysis, Technical Graphics & Web Design with a strong foundation in Microsoft Products. The level of expertise acquired by the team and imbibed by the organisation has led to being invited by other professionals and organisations to consult and benefit from the qualitative knowledge & experience. A Japanese owned Company Koryo Bronze India Ltd. invited the team during the 1990’s to manage the troubled company and to find a buyer. As de-facto owners of Koryo, it was controlled, managed by Elsonic’s core team, with the company’s problems solved rapidly. Thereafter the company was sold to a businessman in steel and construction, while receiving kudos from the Chairman of Koryo, Japan Mr. Akiro Yoneda.

The in-depth knowledge of security systems and related fields resulted in being invited to evaluate and advise a leading American retrofit building firm M/s American Buildings Corp., New York, to use the expertise to recommend the best security measures for their client's buildings in Asia. Advice was also sought by the prestigious Indian Airforce “Software Development Institute" in the year 2001, to recommend the best measures to take for their proposed High Security Building. The Group Chairman was earlier the founder Chairman of Plaktel Construction that built Bangalore Hospital in 1987. This offered related expertise in understanding building security management at a practical level.

In the year 2003 the Elsonic innovative Bi-Arm Elephant Fence was installed in Kodagu, South India as a signature fence to prove the efficacy of modern technology in saving man from animal and animal from man. This Fence Design was also copyrighted as an Architectural Design under Copyright No. A-70271/2005, effective since year 2003. Truly an environmentally successful innovation, achieved though science & technology. The new fence design takes care to provide a pre-warning initial barrier with a spring-supported, two wire system. This technique not only prevents the elephant from toppling the support posts with its foot but also avoids life threatening hurt to the animal. The fence is automatically restored to its original shape after any severe contact of the electrified barrier by the animal. Even if the elephant breaches the first barrier, the second more rigid barrier ensures total protection of the fenced area. This design has been innovated further to cover a wider range of animals and also to protect humans,through several variations of the bi-arm multi-barrier fence. The product was also featured in an NDTV News report in the same year and can be viewed on our website www.elsonic.com.

In 2001 Elsonic partnered with Pakton Technologies Pty. Ltd., Queensland, Australia, to enhance its reach in the Electric Fence security domain, with High Voltage Fence monitoring alarms and measuring instruments developed by Pakton. The partnership led to better recognition and appreciation of Elsonic’s Fence Energiser and related hardware products and services in the Western World. The partnership also enhanced the opportunities to export to Australia and other countries.


With strong leadership, Elsonic is recognized as an Indian, broad-based hi-techology, knowledge specialist. Its knowledge base has been developed through hard experience of 40 years of Indian entrepreneurship. This includes Research, Development, Production, Marketing, liaison & in-depth project techno-economic feasibility analysis. Engineering product domain expertise includes security systems, electric fence energizers, LED lighting systems, battery chargers, solar battery-powered systems, solar and wind based alternate energy systems & computerized intelligent controls for lighting, building management & security systems. Products that have been sold to Australia. Srilanka, including Wind turbines to Serbia, Russia and also Korea through its Group companies.

Since 2006 the company has concentrated on Alternate Energy systems, using the background in the design of inverter power systems. Elsonic have been pioneers in the manufacture of compact Off-line UPS systems beginning in 1981 with a unique solution to fast solid-state switching of within 2 milli-seconds. The company has now consolidated its knowledge and expertise to integrate Solar Panels and Wind Turbines efficiently for reliable power generation. In 2011 a 16 KW solar compatible inverter power system was installed at the Gloriavale Christian Community Trust facility near Tirunelvelli, Tamilnadu, India. This has worked trouble-free for over 3 years while powering the entire communities facilities. Their community leader Hopeful Christian from New Zealand and his team have appreciated the work done and placed a repeat order for a 15 KW independent Solar Powered system to power a large AC pump and other lighting load, without grid electricity functioning since early 2013.

Elsonic is also a member and represented on the Board of the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce headquartered in Chennai & has conducted a business awareness seminar in Bangalore in co-operation with the Trade Commissioner of the Queensland Government. Since 2008, Elsonic has established overseas bases in China and Hong Kong and has under its group companies: Elsonic Santo Corp., Elsonic India Pvt. Ltd., Bhatts Electronics Pvt. Ltd. & Elsonic Corp. (HK) Ltd.

Elsonic as a brand is associated and identified as a pioneer inventive manufacturing company with headquarters at Queens Road, in the Central Business District of Bangalore, about 500 Metres along the road from the Vidhana Soudha, (Seat of the State Government of Karnataka).


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