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Strain Posts [106-071A]

Strain Posts:- Corner or Intermediate Wall and Ground
Posts. Typically 50mm (2 inches) Pipes are used to anchor
Strain Insulators. Post are Hot-Dip Galvanised or Painted.
Wall Top Posts 1.1 Metres to 1.5 Metres in length. Groundup
posts 2.2 Metres to 2.6 Metres long. New preferred
post 63mm(2.5 Inch-outer Dia.) "B" Class GI Water Pipe
with two holes at the bottom to push perpendicular 1/4inch
steel anchor rods to imbedd in Concrete. Mounting of
strain insulators is efficiently achieved using Elsonic's
specially designed adjustable-position clamps that require
no holes or welds on the Galvanised pipes (otherwise
conventional posts with multiple mounting holes are prone
to rusting and could also weaken the post). Stone Pillars 9
inches by 4 or 5 Inches (cross-section) or concrete Posts 4
inches by 6 inches (cross-section) can also be used.
However clamp mounting on steel posts is a faster
installation process. # (*)
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