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Elsonic Group established in 1974 comprises of the parent group holding company Elsonic India Pvt. Ltd. The distributing company Santo (HK) Corpn. & Bio-Mass Conversion company VI Enterprises. The company was originally founded by a technocrat entrepreneur and conceived by a former Pilot of the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF). The company evolved as an expert in hi-technology areas of Engineering, including electronics, computers and IT related fields resulting in the award of over 40 Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. The group manufactures a wide range of Renewable Energy and cost effective Energy Saving products, including Solar LED Lanterns, Solar LED Street Lamps & Solar Roof-top & Power Generation Plants. The Solar Power Generation Systems provide optimum power when functioning as hybrid systems, combined with the innovative slow-wind operative, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. Other products for special applications are custom manufactured in-house with some parts outsourced for fast delivery. Elsonic's reputation for quality and reliability extends far and wide with low maintenance and MTBF being around 3 years.

Innovation through the manufacture of unique products offering leadership in markets has been the goal and therefore collaborations to achieve success, has led to the association with the USA based company C Trade that has a similar vision and goals. With continuing objectives to lead in the renewable energy arena, the group has established a bio-mass conversion factory in Tamilnadu, India where new innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbine manufacture is also going ahead. The other important products include the unbeatable ultra low-impedance FENSHOK Solar Electric Fence Energiser with a complete range of accessories, for High Voltage Fence Security solutions. The Super-Ultra Low Impedance Energiser, that was recently developed, can electrify short fences or gates without insulation, but with safe, extremely low power, high voltage, pulsed DC current.

Detailed descriptions of products are available in product catalogues that include the following:-
  • Elsonic- Nitepower Solar UPS
  • Elsonic- Nitesun Solar Lanterns/ Street Lamps & the SHK Series with Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Elsonic- Winpower Vertical Axis & Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines.
  • Elsonic- Fenshok Perimeter High-Voltage Electric Fence Energisers & Accessories.
  • Santo- LED Bulbs, T-8/T-5 Tube Lights, Floodlights & other LED Lighting Products.
  • Elsonic- Lightning Arresters, Diverters & Earth Kits
  • Elsonic- DisinSafe UV Santiser Chambers, IPA Sprays, Masks & safety equipment.

All major products are available for demonstration at our alternate office in the Central Business District of Bengaluru (Bangalore, India) or with prior permission at existing customer locations. We are proud to offer customized technology solutions for problems faced by customers. The technical support and solutions group comprises of well qualified and certified team of Engineers & Technicians led by: ChittaRanjan Bhatt B.E.; C. Eng. MIERE (London), Director & CEO, Col (Retd). Vaidyanathan Iyer BE, ME (IIT-B), MBA (IIM-B) Director & COO and other marketing and collaborative partners.

Core Aims

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is that in the next 5 years we expect to list our holding company in the National Stock Exchange so that the general public can participate and benefit from our intellectual property leadership through innovation.


We as a team believe strongly in India's ability to grow with or without political leadership support and our mission is to ensure manufacture of products that help the environment in real terms and offer consultancy so that others.can also reduce the carbon footprint.


We believe in high integrity to give value to customers so that their investment in our products and services with belief in us is not wasted.

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